Project Information

  • Location: SW 257th Drive between SW Cherry Park Road/SW Sturges Drive and SE Stark Street
  • Schedule: Construction planned 2024
  • Estimated Cost: $8 million
  • Funding Sources: County Roadway Funds, with $600k from the Mid-County Lighting District and $45k in state funds

A map of the project area, along 257th from Stark to Cherry Park, with icons showing the location of improvements described in the accompanying article.

Safety Improvements

Based on input we received from the community, we have selected a number of additional safety improvements for the project. These include pedestrian crossings, better bike lanes, improved bus stops and more.

Learn more about the selected improvements.

Project Description

We will be making safety improvements to SW 257th Drive to make it easier and safer for all users to get around the corridor. SW 257th is one of the most heavily traveled roads in Troutdale and provides an important connection to I-84 and US 26. 

Currently, SW 257th is not a comfortable street for people to walk, ride a bike, or use transit. Heavy traffic from vehicles and large trucks and a high posted speed contribute to safety issues in this corridor. The corridor has sidewalks and bike lanes throughout, but the conditions are not welcoming. The bike lanes and sidewalks are narrow and have no buffer from high-speed traffic. The sidewalks are obstructed by utility poles and vegetation.  

We will repave the road, install new lighting, and build new curb ramps throughout the corridor. Other options are being designed based on the community's input. These include pedestrian crossings, better bike lanes, improved bus stops and more. Learn more about the project features.

The project is mostly funded by the Multnomah County Road Fund. $600,000 will be provided for lighting improvements by the Mid-County Lighting District. $45,000 will be provided from State Funded Local Projects (SFLP) funds managed by ODOT to construct green bike boxes on SW 257th and SW Sturges Drive.


Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2024.

  • Summer 2022 – Project launch 
  • Fall 2022 – Existing conditions analysis 
  • September-October 2022 – Engagement Opportunity 1: Gather input on safety needs in the corridor and ideas for corridor alternatives 
  • November-December 2022 – Corridor Alternatives Development
  • January 2023 – Engagement Opportunity 2: Review the corridor alternatives and concepts for multimodal improvements 
  • Summer 2023 – Conceptual design for roadway 
  • Fall/winter 2023-4 – Final design
  • Spring 2024 – Construction begins

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