Project Information

  • Location: Various roads in east and west county (see below)
  • Schedule: July and August 2018 (see below)
  • Funding Source: County General Roadway Funds

Project Description

Our crews spread oil over a paved road and then cover the oil with a thin layer of small gravel. After one to two working days, we sweep excess gravel off the road, and in about a week, it will again have the texture of pavement.

Chip sealing extends pavement life and reduces the frequency of thicker and more expensive asphalt overlays.

East County chip sealing will include:

  • SE Division Drive, from Loop to 302nd
  • SE Hurlburt Road, from HCRH to Littlepage
  • SE Trout Creek Road, from Gordon Creek to dead end

West County chip sealing will include:

  • NW Gillihan Road, from Milepost 2 to Reeder
  • NW Elliott Road, from Rock Creek to Skyline


Work will usually begin around 7:30am. This schedule and the start time is subject to change depending on weather and other conditions.

July 16-17: SE Trout Creek Rd
July 19 and 23: SE Hurlburt Rd
July 24: SE Division Dr.
July 25: SE Trout Creek Rd
July 26: SE Hurlburt Rd and SE Division Dr
July 30 - August 2: NW Gillihan Rd
August 6: NW Elliott Rd
August 7: NW Gillihan Rd
August 8: NW Elliott Rd

Traffic Impacts

Minor amounts of dust, loose gravel, and one way traffic occur during the operation. We recommend traveling at a reduced speed until all the loose gravel has been removed from the roadway.