Project Information

Project Description

Our contractor will pave and repair the badly degraded E Larch Mountain Road, starting east of SE Red Elder Drive. The upper half of the road will receive a fresh asphalt surface, and in many places the contractor will dig out the full roadbed for repair.

They will also replace some old guardrails and add some new ones. Finally, the road will be freshly striped.

Traffic Impacts

The road will be closed for most of the 2023 season. It will likely open for a time after paving has been completed but close again for striping.

The final schedule will depend on the weather, from when it’s possible to start work in the spring to when the road has to close for winter in the fall.

Residential areas lower on the road will not be affected by the closures. Access will be maintained above milepost 7 for emergency services and other necessities. 

Trail Access

The closure will block access to forest trails from the parking area at the top. However, the trails may still be reached from Larch Mountain Trail and Oneonta Trail by starting at their trailheads along the Historic Columbia River Highway.

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