• Location: Reeder Road crossing at Dairy Creek (see map)
  • Schedule: 2022-3
  • Estimated Cost: tbd
  • Funding Source: tbd

Project Description

Two culverts under Reeder Road have partially collapsed. They carried a slow-moving section of Dairy Creek, and their collapse caused the embankment above them to fall in. This created large sinkholes in the southbound lane.

The road is currently reduced to one lane and is being monitored to ensure it is safe to remain open.

We are working on a short term fix to open both lanes to traffic before the busy summer season. We are also working on a long term repair to replace the two 8-foot diameter culverts with either a large culvert or a bridge.

Traffic Impacts

This short section of the road has been reduced to one lane. Barricades block the northbound lane, and signs warn drivers to use caution and yield to oncoming vehicles. A temporary traffic signal has been installed to direct traffic on the short section that has only one lane open.

As we design the repairs, we will determine what other closures will be needed. More information will be provided when available.

What We’ve Done

A contractor has made temporary repairs by removing asphalt from the collapsed southbound lane and compacting rock so that one lane can remain open. The northbound lane remains closed so the county can monitor the culverts for additional sinkholes.

Next Steps

The area north of the repair includes beaches that are popular destinations during the summer. We are working with environmental regulatory agencies on how to design a temporary repair that will allow both lanes to be open to traffic. We expect those repairs will be complete by Summer 2022.

We are also working on a long term repair that will replace the failed culverts with a large culvert or a bridge. This will be an expensive repair that will require environmental permits from multiple agencies. We are looking for funding to complete the permanent repair. We expect construction will begin in late Spring 2023.

We are interested in your feedback on this project. Please fill in the form below if you have comments, questions or suggestions.