In November 2019, County employees were updated on the progress departments have made in meeting July 2019 performance measures outlined in the Workforce Equity Strategic Plan

As indicated below, all departments completed (or have action plans that are in progress to complete) the July 2019 performance measures.

Workforce Equity Strategic Plan July 2019 Performance Measures

Equity and Diversity teams are created. Every employee has a training plan that includes cultural responsiveness training. Employee resource group participation established in policy.
County Management
County Assets
Community Services
Community Justice
Human Services In progress
Library In progress
Joint Office of Homeless Services
Sheriff's Office


What does “in progress” mean? 

For the purposes of this progress report, a minimum standard is “in progress” if departmental leadership has a documented plan to meet the performance measure, they have identified and staffed people to ensure the minimum standard is completed and the department is taking coordinated action to complete the performance measure.

Who compiled this report and who determined that the minimum standards were met? 

Department leadership self-reported their progress and, with their equity managers, completed the report template developed by the Office of Equity and Diversity. The progress report was compiled by the Workforce Equity Strategic Plan (WESP) project manager, Heather Heater. 

I want to learn more about WESP implementation. 

There are multiple ways you can find out more about WESP implementation.

  • Invite the WESP project manager, Heather Heater to your team, department or ERG meeting. 
  • Contact your department leadership for updates on your department’s plans and progress. 
  • If you are a member of an ERG, your leadership are members of the WESP committee and will be able to share updates.
  • Browse the Safety, Trust and Belonging public website and Commons page (employees). 
  • Read stories, profiles and updates in the Wednesday Wire. If you want to celebrate the equity work your team or department is doing, please submit a story idea to the Wednesday Wire

I still have questions or concerns, who do I contact? 

Ben Duncan, Director, Office of Diversity and Equity 

Heather Heater, WESP project manager, Office of Diversity and Equity