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The County Ombudsperson helps people who live in Multnomah County resolve issues with county programs and departments. The Ombudsperson is here to ensure that residents are treated fairly in their interactions with the county. As a part of the County Auditor’s office, the Ombudsperson is impartial and independent.


What is the Ombudsperson?

An Ombudsperson helps individuals resolve problems with an organization, such as Multnomah County.

What does the Ombudsperson do?

The Ombudsperson is tasked with protecting the rights of people who live in Multnomah County, and with promoting fairness, efficiency, and transparency in county government. The Ombudsperson can assist the public by conducting independent, impartial investigations into administrative acts of county programs and recommending changes.

When should I ask for help from the Ombudsperson?

You should first try to resolve your issue directly with the county program or department involved. This is the quickest way to resolution of most issues between individuals and the county. The Ombudsperson can refer you if you are unsure who to call. If you are unable to resolve the issue directly with the agency or department, then contact the Ombudsperson.

Why does the county have an Ombudsperson?

In November 2022, more than 85% of county voters passed a charter amendment establishing the Ombudsperson as a role in the County Auditor’s Office.