We can help with Medicare costsThis is an image of a man looking at a tablet and a woman pointing at something on the tablet

Oregon Medicare Savings Connect can help with:

  • Medicare Part B and D premiums
  • Co-pays and deductibles
  • Prescription costs
Services are free, confidential, and language interpretation is available.

Do you qualify?

For Part B assistance:

  • Single person making less than $1,715 monthly gross income
  • A couple making less than $2,320 monthly gross income

For Part D assistance:

  • Single person making less than $1,903 monthly gross income (savings and other resources are less than $17,220)
  • A couple making less than $2,575 monthly gross income (savings and other resources are less than $34,360)

Oregon Medicare Connect LogoContact us and apply

For direct assistance with Medicare cost savings, call 1-855-447-0155 or email medicaresavings@multco.us. We're available Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Other ways we can help

  • Free Medicare counseling through the Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA) program
  • Information and referral to public and nonprofit services
  • Presentations and materials about Oregon Medicare Savings Connect

OMSC Postcards in various languages can be downloaded here:

OMSC postcard 2024 عربى [Arabic] (116.19 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024 繁體中文 [Traditional Chinese] (136.63 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024 한국어 [Korean] (118.67 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024 日本語 [Japanese] (119.01 KB)

OMSC Postcard 2024 English (48.45 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024 Romanian (84.02 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024 简体中文 [Simplified Chinese] (352.8 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024_Tagalog (79.36 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024 українська [Ukrainian] (91.89 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024 Россия [Russian] (90.43 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024 Español [Spanish] (80.07 KB)

OMSC postcard 2024 Tiếng Việt [Vietnamese] (84.96 KB)

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