Healthy Kids

External service
Application and eligibility: 800.699.9075
Enrolled members: 800.273.0557

Oregon Healthy Kids is dedicated to making sure Oregon children and teens have access to health insurance.

Help for First-Time Moms

County service

The Nurse Family Partnership program provides help and support during pregnancy for first-time moms.

Hepatitis C Helpline

External service

Toll-Free. Completely confidential. Completely free of charge. Help‑4‑Hep is a non-profit toll-free helpline for those with concerns about hepatitis C.

HIV Health Services Center

County service

Medical care, social services and case management for people living with HIV.

HIV Testing

County service
503-988-5727 Test Results

Find free and low-cost HIV testing

Home Care Worker Program

County service

Helps seniors and people with disabilities find home care workers. We serve Medicaid and OPI clients.


County service

Free vaccines for children and adults.

In-Home and Residential Care

County service
503-988-3646 for information about finding a home care worker
503-988-3000 for information about adult care homes and assisted living

Help around the house, adult care homes, residential care facilities and assisted living spaces.