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Please see our Licensed Haulers List for haulers in your area.  Please contact the hauler directly to request or change services.  Haulers set their own service fees. 

Residential Service Standards

Licensed haulers must offer single family and multifamily residential customers with weekly recycling collection service. A recycling container and separate, durable container for glass will be provided by the hauler. A customer may opt out of specific services, or choose to self-haul. 

Yard debris service may not be available in all rural areas. Yard debris includes the following organic materials: leaves, weeds, grass clippings, branches, and prunings no greater than 4 inches in diameter or 36 inches in length. No animal waste, dirt, sod, stumps, metal, rocks, ashes, food waste, lumber, or garbage may be included. Please contact your hauler directly to determine if this service is available at your address. 

Customer Responsibility

Customers are expected to separate garbage and recyclable materials according to instructions provided by the hauler and the county. Your recycling container may provide additional guidance.

Before collection, containers should be placed at a location that is accessible and safe to empty and load, and agreed to by the hauler and the customer.

Anyone who contracts for service from a hauler is responsible for payment for that service.


For information about filing a complaint regarding hauler collection services or business recycling requirements, please visit our Complaints page.

Other Resources

To learn more about reducing waste and recycling at home, please visit our Resource page.