The Action for Prosperity toolkit is an interactive resource guide that houses materials and forms related to the Action for Prosperity (AFP) program.

AFP is delivered through a partnership between the Schools Uniting Neighborhoods Service System’s (SUN) Anti-Poverty System (AP), Worksystems Inc., Home Forward, and Oregon Department of Human Services.

The toolkit is a work in progress and will evolve to reflect the practical needs of staff as well as agency updates to forms and documentation. Future versions will be updated as they emerge and you will be notified.

How to Download and Access the Toolkit

  1. Download  Action For Prosperity Toolkit (3.49 MB)
  2. Save it to your computer (if using Chrome see below) 
  3. Make sure you have Adobe Reader or other pdf reader installed (contact your IT department if you don't have one)
  4. Open the pdf Toolkit document from where it's saved and NOT from your browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
  5. Enable "Bookmarks," "Thumbnails" and/or "Table of contents" on your pdf reader if they don't automatically appear (Adobe, Preview, etc.)
  6. Read Page 1 of on how to access toolkit materials 



When Chrome downloads a document it will either show as a tab at the bottom of your browser window or open it within a new window and display the document.


If you open the document from the Chrome tab the "Bookmarks," "Thumbnails,"  and "Table of Contents" may not appear unless you have the right plugins enabled or disabled.

To avoid this:

  • It's best to open the document from where Chrome saves its downloads by default. Where is that? Good question!

Follow these instructions and/or contact your IT dept.

New Window

If the document loads into a new window do the following: 

  1. You should see a bar with options appear at the bottom right corner of the screen 
  2. Select the "Save" icon that looks like a 3.5 inch floppy disc
  3. ​A screen will prompt that will ask you where you want to save 
  4. Save where you want to on your computer or network
  5. If the bar doesn't appear then right click over the document and select "Save As" 
  6. Select where you want to save the document on your computer or network