Register for Kindergarten by June 1 is an outreach campaign to encourage and support parents to register their child before school offices close for the summer. The campaign primarily focuses on connecting and partnering with people and organizations who work with families with young children.

This campaign is an integral piece of the community’s larger collective effort to improve educational outcomes for all children and youth from cradle to career—the​ All Hands Raised Partnership. The SUN Service System and Early Learning Multnomah collaborate across sectors with early childhood services, health care providers, DHS, culturally specific organizations, and school districts to communicate the importance of registering by June 1.

With the support of Health Share and FamilyCare, the campaign is now expanding to Clackamas and Washington counties. We are working with our partners at the Clackamas Early Learning Hub and Early Learning Washington County to spread the message about the importance of early registration to more families across our region. 

Outreach Materials

Be a part of this effort! Print the following materials and talk to staff, co-workers, parents, and neighbors about the importance of registering by June! There are limited print copies available of the following materials.

To request materials email Manisone Xaybanha ( )

Available Materials

Why Early Registration for Kindergarten Matters

Why Early Registration for Kindergarten Matters: Suggested Talking Points (147.9 KB)

  • Developed by Portland Public Schools and Portland Children's Levy, in consultation with Kindergarten Counts.

Kindergarten Attendance Flyers

In addition, Parent Flyers are available in multiple languages to communicate the importance of consistent attendance in kindergarten.

Additional School District Materials: Multnomah County 

The following are additional details about kindergarten registration across Multnomah County. It supplements the registration information on the Register for Kindergarten by June Information and Tool sheet please refer to that document for more information.

Information will be updated regularly (last updated Tuesday, February 16th, 2016).

Centennial School District

Corbett School District

David Douglas School District (DDSD)

Gresham Barlow School District (GBSD)

Parkrose School District

Portland Public Schools (PPS)

Reynolds School District

Riverdale School District

Staff Contact

Manixsone Xaybanha