Task Force Convened

In 2006, at the direction of the Multnomah County Board of County Commissioners, then Elect & Chair Ted Wheeler convened a task force to look at how the county, with its partners, could strengthen and streamline services for children and families, including SUN Community Schools (SUN CS) which is part of the broader SUN Service System (SUN). SUN stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods. 

Shared Understandings

The task force focused on services offered, partnerships between complementary agencies and longer-term efficiencies. As part of its charge, the group established a shared understanding of the purpose of the SUN Service System and SUN CS in relation to other services for school-age youth; recommended improved models for alignment; and identified possible funding alternative sources.

Representatives included members of the school-age services community and topical experts from education, business, non-profits, social services, advocacy groups and civic entities. The group met once per month, beginning in October 2006, and concluding in January 2007, with ongoing dialogue between meetings.

Final Recommendations

In February 2007, the task force released a set of recommendations that directed how future partnership and service integration should occur and included the formation of the SUN Service System Coordinating Council, a governance and support council for the SUN Service System.