SUN Community School Food Pantries, in partnership with Oregon Food Bank and SUN community agencies, provide 3-5 days of nutritious food to families for weekend, evening and other non-school days when food is hard to come by.  

SUN Community School Free Food Markets distribute fruits and vegetables, also in partnership with Oregon Food Bank, and happen once a month.

Who can go

Access to SUN Community School food pantries and free food markets is open to any community member. They have a special focus on meeting the needs of families and students of the school where the school pantry is located.  You are welcome to drop by.


Find the nearest food pantry and free food market at Foodfinder.oregonfoodbank.org/. Use this map to find up-to-date food distribution times and days and contact information for any questions.

In partnership with Oregon Food Bank there are weekly Food Pantries at 25 SUN Community School sites and monthly Free Food Markets at 6 SUN Community School sites. Please use the Foodfinder map to find details.

There are also other food resources available across the 92 SUN Community Schools, including Backpack Programs and pantries run by non-profits, students and volunteers. Contact your school to find out what is available.

Need food but not in a SUN Community School?

For families who might not be able to access one of these SUN School pantries:

Are you an organization looking to partner?

For information about SUN Hunger Relief efforts or how we can partner please contact:

Annie Kirschner 
Phone: 971-334-6858 / Email: annie.kirschner@multco.us