2015 CAP Cover

2015 Climate Action Plan – Building a Climate Resilient Multnomah County

The County is in a unique position to lead regional and state efforts to tackle climate change because of its role as a public health authority and the work it does to support the most vulnerable in the community.  The County’s vision of climate resilience is to simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for future climate impacts, and equitably improve the health and well being of the community.  The County can leverage its position in regional and state decision making to advance this vision of climate resilience. It can build on its long-standing relationships with individuals and community-based organizations to bring new voices into the climate change conversation.  

The draft 2015 Climate Action Plan includes nearly 200 five year actions for Multnomah County and the City Portland to complete by 2020. County actions include:

  • Strengthening awareness of climate change as a public health risk
  • Empowering vulnerable populations to prepare for climate impacts
  • Building the capacity of community based organizations to take action on climate change
  • Continuing to invest in County building and operational efficiency
  • Supporting commercial building energy retrofits and green, healthy and affordable housing
  • Reducing diesel emissions, which drive climate change and worsen air local quality
  • Advocating for climate equity and climate smart policies at the regional and state level

2015 Climate Action Plan (Full Document) (18.11 MB)

2015 Climate Action Plan (Summary Document) (6.6 MB)