Caring for ourselves, caring for our planet

A person is wrapping their arms around a treeIn Multnomah County, we have experienced the climate crisis firsthand with smoke that choked the air, wildfires that consumed beloved natural areas and homes, and heat that smashed records and deeply changed lives. These events created more than physical impacts on our environment and have made apparent the increasing needs for mental health support and boosting our own resilience.

This October, join the Office of Sustainability and the Employee Wellness Program for a series of events that aim to support our well-being, build mental resilience, help care for our local natural areas, and highlight some of the ways that individuals can turn eco-anxiety into hope for our future.

Events are free and are open to all staff and the public. 

MultCo is up for the challenge

These events are held in conjunction with the County's participation in the People's Ecochallenge, an annual 21-day event that help people to create new sustainable habits. Join Multnomah County's EcoChallenge team and try something new for you, your community, and our planet.

Event Details

Building a Foundation of Hope and Mental Resilience in Changing Climates, a special Take a Pause Audio Meditation
Wednesday, October 5 from 10am - 10:20am
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In this meditation practice, participants will learn to respond to stressful experiences with a level of calmness as a non judgmental observer of their thoughts and emotions using the senses as anchors to self soothe. 

Organize Your Office Space for Improved Mental Health
Thursday, October 6 from 11am - 12pm
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Are you struggling with anxiety, poor sleep, or an inability to focus? It may be connected to your workspace. Join Kaiser Permanente for this interactive, fun, and informative webinar on the importance of Organizing Your Office Space for Improved Mental Health. During this presentation, we will go over the connection between organization and mental health, the impact disorganization has on your well-being, and ways to move toward a more clean and organized workspace.

Dark Clouds: Air Pollution and Its Silver Linings
Tuesday, October 11 from 12pm - 1pm

Air pollution can impact us both physically and psychologically, and is often perceived as out of our control. Jonathan Cruz, a Multnomah County Health Department program specialist, will discuss how air pollution affects our mental health and how we can shift our perspectives and take more meaningful action to improve our air quality.

CANCELED - Hands of Wonder Garden Tour: Sowing Seeds of Hope (in person)
Wednesday, October 12 from 12pm - 1pm

This event has been canceled and will be rescheduled for 2023.

Jerry Hunter, Hands of Wonder garden program and employment coordinator, is a familiar face for young people and countless others throughout the Multnomah County community. Join Jerry at the Hands of Wonder garden to tour and learn about the restorative justice-based garden program that supports collaboration with medium-to-high-risk youth involved with Multnomah County’s Juvenile Services Division.

Resilience: Prioritizing Your Emotional Well Being
Thursday, October 13 from 11am - 12pm

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We are living in a time where nothing feels certain and things are frequently changing. This often causes additional stress and impacts how we care for ourselves and others.  It is more important than ever to prioritize our emotional health. In this webinar we will look at some common responses to the pandemic and focus on steps to improve our own resilience.

Follow the Water: Science, Stories, and Positive Actions
Tuesday, October 18 from 10:30am - 11:30am


Roy Iwai, Water Quality Program manager for Multnomah County will introduce attendees to Follow the Water, a new statewide public outreach campaign for clean water in Oregon and SW Washington. Follow the Water is about creating a culture around water, and connecting people and their behavior to rivers, which is key to leading us to protect what we love. 

Climate Change & Our Mental Health: Listening to Youth
Thursday, October 20 from 12pm - 1pm


Smoke, extreme heat, wildfires, and drought. The climate crisis is becoming all too real for communities in Oregon, and it is taking a toll on our mental and emotional health. New studies are showing that climate change is taking a bigger toll on young people’s wellbeing. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) recently released a study that focused on the impacts of climate change on youth mental health. OHA will talk about what was learned from youth in this study, and attendees will hear from a young climate organizer about what can be done to better support youth as we tackle the climate crisis.

Why Volunteer? Becoming a Volunteer in Your Community
Wednesday, October 26 at 12pm - 1pm
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Want to make an impact on your community by volunteering, but haven’t figured out how to get started or where to volunteer? Join Kaiser Permanente for this interactive, and informative webinar on Why Volunteer?  Becoming a Volunteer in Your Community. During this presentation, we will cover the importance of volunteering and finding your “why”, the impact volunteering has on you and your community, volunteer opportunities, what you can learn, and how you can connect with others through volunteering.