Central Library Green Roof 

Multnomah County Central Library has achieved City of Portland's Sustainability at Work highest honor of Gold certification. This historic building and downtown destination is among the busiest library buildings in the nation. Sustainability at Work certified organizations walk the talk of green business, from recycling and reducing energy to bike commuting and community giving.

Some notable sustainability features that have been implemented and are put into practice at Central Library include:

  • A living green roof (see picture)
  • Use of 100% recycled content copy paper throughout the Library
  • Use of paperless alternatives whenever possible
  • Use of central printers
  • Reusable dishware and utensils for staff in the break room
  • Composting access for staff in the break room 
  • E-waste donation and recycling for staff
  • Use of third-party certified green cleaning products
  • Use of aerators and electric hand dryers where possible
  • Use of programmable thermostats, set to adjust when space is typically unoccupied
  • Bike parking spaces and showers for staff to encourage alternate, zero-emission commuting
  • Local transit passes for staff
  • An active environmental team who are dedicated to implementing sustainability practices.

Other Multnomah County facilities that have achieved Sustainability at Work certification include Inverness Jail and the Multnomah Building. City of Portland's Green Business Directory lists other certified businesses and government agencies that are making a difference in our economy, community, and environment.

Photo Credit: Jayson C.