The Climate Action Plan identifies over 170 actions to be completed or significantly underway by 2020. Multnomah County and the City of Portland have been working systematically to implement these actions since the Plan's adoption. Nearly all of the actions in the 2015 Climate Action Plan are already underway, with 142 (or 83 percent) of those actions on track for completion by 2020. Nine actions have been completed, while 20 have not yet started or are facing obstacles to implementation.

This Progress Report serves as an interim opportunity to evaluate progress so that steps can be taken to adapt and revise implementation strategies as necessary. This report begins with an overview of updated annual data for local carbon emissions, followed by highlights of major accomplishments and an overview of the 2030 Objectives guiding the County's and the City's climate action work. An appendix contains implementation details for each action in the 2015 Climate Action Plan.

Climate Action Plan Progress Report 2017 (2.08 MB)