Sustainable transportation options are an essential part of our region’s strategy to prevent pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Multnomah County supports the work of regional public transportation agency, Tri-Met and regional transportation planning agency, Metro. Multnomah County’s Transportation Planning office manages the development of plans to address all modes of transportation at both the local and regional level. 

Employee Commute Options

Motor vehicles are one of the largest sources of air pollution in the Portland area. Under Oregon DEQ’s Employee Commute Option (ECO) program employers must provide commute alternatives to employees designed to reduce the number of cars driven to work in Portland and surrounding areas.

Multnomah County has an active Employee Commute Options program. The Sustainability Program led development of recommendations for reducing employee’s single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) travel. These were adopted by the Board in 2002 with the Travel Smart Policy.  Goals of the program are to reduce the need to drive, promote biking, promote walking, use transit, support carpooling, provide education, create incentives, manage parking, pursue funding, and measure progress.


  • All full-time County employees are eligible for a Tri-Met transit pass for commuting to work and for traveling to meetings during work.  Last year, 76 percent of County employees participated in the program.
  • Access to public transportation is used as a factor in selection of new County sites.
  • Bike parking is available at many County work sites, and secure bike parking and showers are available at the county’s headquarters in SE Portland.