January 4, 2023


CROPS (Community Reaps Our Produce and Shares) is a Multnomah County initiative that promotes culturally specific farming business development, healthy eating, and community building. CROPS is managed in partnership with Mudbone Grown and has a specific focus on Black and African Immigrant farmers. 

The farm is currently being developed with plans for a barn, access-road, greenhouse, wash pack station, fruit tree orchard, and more. The main phase of construction is anticipated to be completed in mid-2023 with work already underway. 

Art Shaver and Shantae Johnson began with an idea to farm for their family, then launched Mudbone Grown to farm for their community.

CROPS History

CROPS was started as a temporary use for surplus County land over a decade ago. The idea was to grow food for families in need. County farmer, Jerry Hunter, led the effort to create the farm, clearing 3 acres of land choked with invasive blackberry bushes and transforming the site into a lush farm. Over the following 10 years Jerry created a safe and healing environment where people of all ages and backgrounds volunteered, learned and shared skills, built community and grew fresh organically-grown food for the community.