July 1, 2024

Multnomah County Common Application relaunches with improvements

A family enjoys time together at home with a mini split unit behind them on a wallExciting news for Multnomah County residents: The Multnomah County Common Application Program has been relaunched with enhancements. The upgraded application offers residents a streamlined way to access services — including County services, like weatherization and the Wood Burning Exchange Program, and utility bill discount programs with PGE, Pacific Power, and NW Natural. The application improvements include a greater range of programs and a more user-friendly experience for people of all abilities. County residents can now apply to up to 20 programs with one convenient application.

If you work with people who could benefit from the Common Application, please spread awareness and share this newsletter with them.

What's new

  • A person wearing a respirator installs insulation in a wallEnhanced User Experience: The application process has been redesigned with additional programs and a focus on accessibility, making it easier for all residents to navigate and complete.
  • Expanded Language Options: Recognizing the diverse needs of the community, the application is available in 68 languages with multi-language call center support. This ensures that residents with limited English proficiency can comfortably access the program.

  • Improved Analytics: Robust analytics will provide valuable insights into program usage, allowing for ongoing improvement to better meet the needs of the community.

Making services easier to access

A person caulks a window and looks at the camera with a smileThe Common Application prioritizes residents experiencing hardships and offers diverse services to help young families, seniors, and immigrants. Born from a grassroots movement, the revamped Multnomah County Common Application Program builds upon the success of a community resiliency pilot launched by East Multnomah County nonprofits and Commissioner Lori Stegmann’s office. 

Commissioner Stegmann explained the rationale behind the program. “We want to make it easier for people to access services,” she said. “We should not make people apply over and over again for services with similar requirements. Instead, the Common Application allows people to save time and get access to more services through one simple-to-use interface.”'Multnomah County is demonstrating a strong commitment to broadening access to vital services and empowering residents with a more inclusive application experience.

How to apply

Visit forwardplatform.com/common-app/ to apply or to learn more about the program.

Call 1-855-582-3973 or email multnomahcommon@forwardplatform.zendesk.com for support to fill out an application.