• Report: Roadmap to Affordable Solar in Multnomah County
  • Report: 2018 Resource Conservation Report
  • Resolution 2018-095: Affirms Multnomah County's intent to establish a clean diesel procurement policy that will require contractors working on County construction projects to use equipment that reduces air pollution.
  • Resolution 2018-108: Affirms support for environmental justice and encourages the adoption of an environmental justice policy and prepare an environmental justice snapshot.
  • Ordinance 1253: From October 1 through March 1, homeowners, renters and businesses in Multnomah County cannot use wood stoves, fireplaces or any outdoor wood burning devices on days when the air quality is forecasted to be poor. Exemptions are available.




  • Released the 2015 Climate Action Plan
  • Resolution 2015-076: Adopts the joint Multnomah County and City of Portland 2015 Climate Action Plan
  • Resolution 2015-097: Establishes a Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy ("CPACE") Program in Multnomah County
  • Resolution 2015-104: Adopts a fossil fuel divestment policy for Multnomah County
  • Resolution 2015-120: Supports the productive reuse and safe recycling of County surplus information technology and the County's ongoing commitment to digital inclusion





    • Administrative Procedure PUR-8: Incorporates sustainability considerations into purchasing of goods and services
    • Ordinance 1166: Establishes the Office of Sustainability and the Office of Diversity and Equity
    • Ordinance 1171: Terminates the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the City of Portland Dissolving the Sustainable Development Commission
    • Resolution 2010-145: Appoints Members to Multnomah County Advisory Committee on Sustainability and Innovation
    • Resolution 2010-148: Adopts a County policy with respect to using County funds to purchase bottled water
    • Resolution 2010-159: Adopts a green meeting and event policy for Multnomah County


      • Released the 2009 Climate Action Plan
      • Resolution 09-044: Authorizes a Multnomah County "Hope Garden" to encourage the production of community-grown food and urge Multnomah County and City of Portland residents to assist hunger relief and nutrition efforts by supporting the "Plant a Row for the Hungry" campaign
      • Resolution 09-067: Authorizes the creation and implementation of the County C.R.O.P.S. (Community Reaps Our Produce and Shares) emergency garden program
      • Resolution 09-133: Adopts the 2009 Climate Action Plan in partnership with City of Portland


        • Resolution 08-004: Adopts a LEED-Gold and high performance green building policy for Multnomah County and repeals Resolution 04-178
        • Resolution 08-015: Exempts the roof restoration project for the Central Library re-roof/green roof from Administrative Procedure FAC-1
        • Resolution 08-035: Adopts the U.S. Cool Counties Climate Stabilization Declaration in partnership with Clackamas County
        • Proclamation 08-041: Proclaims April 7th through April 13th, 2008 Public Health Awareness Week in Multnomah County
        • Resolution 08-096: Authorizes use of County property for the installation of solar facilities to provide solar energy to County facilities
        • Order 08-114: Adopts a policy requiring the nutrition labeling of food items at chain restaurants
        • Resolution 08-129: Adopts the "Local Government Green Jobs Pledge"


          • Developed the Waste Prevention and Recycling Plan
          • Resolution 07-124: Adopts a policy to reduce benzene pollution
          • Resolution 07-125: Authorizes the development of solar energy projects on County facilities
          • Resolution 07-173: Approves efforts to develop an update to the 2001 Portland Multnomah Local Action Plan on Global Warming, including the formation of a citizen advisory committee to provide recommendations to the update
          • Resolution 07-183: Authorizes a "County Digs" project to enhance opportunities for urban agriculture in Multnomah County
          • Resolution 07-184: Establishes a Multnomah County cellular phone recycling program



            • Resolution 05-035: Supports legislation to promote the use and production of biofuels in Oregon
            • Resolution 05-102: Establishes waste prevention and recycling goals for County operations
            • Resolution 05-154: Adopts a green cleaning policy for County facilities
            • Resolution 05-193: Names the Multnomah Building green roof the Amy Joslin Eco Roof


              • Resolution 04-019: Adopts sustainability principles for Multnomah County
              • Resolution 04-048: Supported SOLV on Earth Day
              • Resolution 04-140: Recognizes National Pollution Prevention Week and directs the development of a Toxics Reduction Strategy jointly with the City of Portland
              • Resolution 04-178: Adopts high performance green building policy recommendations for Multnomah County


                • Resolution 03-035: Extends timelines for the Portland Multnomah County Food Policy Council
                • Resolution 03-092: Adopts a policy for paper and paint purchasing and sets goals for paper use



                • Resolution 01-052: Approves the adoption of a joint City of Portland and Multnomah County Local Action Plan on Global Warming



                • Resolution 96-153: Commits to purchasing products made from post-consumer recycled material


                • Ordinance 606: Establishes a recycling program for County facilities
                • Ordinance 608: Establishes an environmentally-friendly purchasing policy
                • Ordinance 614: Prohibits food providers from using Styrofoam packaging products
                • Ordinance 635: Amendments to Ordinance 614