May has provided us with plenty of opportunities to get outside and move, especially because it is National Bike Month! In the latest edition of the Sustainable Multnomah County video series, Chair Deborah Kafoury and a few enthusiastic County employees share some of the reasons why they enjoy biking.

Some of the benefits of biking that Multnomah County staff discuss include improving their health by moving their bodies, helping the environment by reducing car pollution and congestion, and becoming more connected with their community from seeing Multnomah County up close and sharing the bike lanes with others.

This month alone, 169 Multnomah County staff have ridden over 19,000 miles as part of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s Bike More Challenge. Many of those staff are not regular cyclists and are trying something new. As the Travel by Bike video points out, we don’t need to be experts to get around by bike, and we don’t need to log thousands of miles to gain the benefits of riding more.