UPDATE: FINAL Public Sale Results:  Public Sale 9.30.20 RESULTS FINAL (816.63 KB)

A Public Sale was approved by the Board of County Commissioners on April 16, 2020,  Board Order 2020-022 (810.54 KB)The date for the Public Sale has been set for September 30, 2020,10:00 am.  Publication commenced September 7, 2020, in the Daily Journal of Commerce.  This is the DJC Ad 9.2020 (6.16 KB)

There are four properties that will be offered: Public Sale 9.30.20 FLIER (1.36 MB)

NOTE: R108823, R108826, R108829 were repurchased by the former owner: Resolution 2020-071 (44.63 KB)

This will be an outdoor sale at the Multnomah Building Garage located at 500 SE Hawthorne Blvd.  The Sale Rules, Standard Earnest Money Agreement, and other information will be published on this website in future announced updates on the Public Sale September 30, 2020 Resources.  (Link at right)

All information is published here first.  In fairness to the process, we regret we cannot answer individual inquiries, including the timing and scheduling of the next Public Sale.  Check back to this website at the announced updates.

LIENS: UPDATE 9.29.20: Under ORS 312.214 and ORS 312.270, the County’s ownership of property after foreclosure is of “utmost stability” and “free from all liens and encumbrances.” The City of Portland acknowledges that after the Closing of a subject property, they will release all liens after confirmation from the County of sale to a private party.

Despite the clear and straightforward language in the statute, title companies often continue to show non-municipal liens on title reports after foreclosure and sale by the County.  The County pays any assessments attributable violations assessed for conditions during County ownership.