Larch Mountain

Portland Women's Forum Scenic Viewpoint

Announcement for the following: "Dedication to the public celebrating the opening of the new Multnomah County Larch Mountain Boulevard. Distance from courthouse: 36.5 miles. Elevation 4045 ft. Thursday, August 3, 1939..."
Road Services records, Policy and historical correspondence, 1912-1983, Subject files, 1933-1983, Larch Mountain, 1939
Welcome to the Portland Women’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint, once known as Chanticleer Point. Visitors to this site could once eat chicken dinners and take in the panoramic view of the Columbia River Gorge at the famous Chanticleer Inn. From this overlook, you will notice Vista House off to the east. It is another stop on the tour. For now, look a little south and you will see Larch Mountain.

Notably, no Larch trees grow on Larch Mountain. The 1959 edition of Multnomah County Geographic Names reports “the tree on Larch Mountain known by lumbermen as the larch is really the noble fir, ‘abies nobilis’, and is not related to the larch in any way.”

A road to the top of Larch Mountain opened in 1939, opening up a recreational area for visitors to hike, picnic, and observe the surrounding area. To make your way there, you can continue east on the Columbia River highway and make a right at the fork onto Larch Mountain Road. But take note! It is 14 miles from the highway to the recreation area.

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Please note: ODOT has implemented access changes to the waterfall corridor this summer including the need for a permit. Please check before you set out to make the appropriate arrangements for your journey.

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