Transforming Justice is the ambitious but necessary process to align and advance a shared, reinvented and implementable vision of public safety that is informed by both the community and criminal legal system stakeholders. The project is spearheaded by the Multnomah County Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC).

Project Outcome

A fully realized vision that will lead to a strategic plan across the public safety systems that outlasts turnover and election cycles that:

1) leads with race and prioritizes interventions, policies, and budgeting for Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC) communities,
2) focuses on shrinking the current criminal legal system footprint, and grows health, housing, and treatment responses,
3) increases restorative approaches that focus on healing, harm reduction, and restoration.


The Multnomah County Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC) has long focused on coordinating efforts among local partners to promote a more equitable criminal legal system. However, in January 2020, the council began a process of envisioning a wholly transformed public safety system during the What Works in Public Safety Conference, which gathered local and national experts from healthcare, human services and the judiciary, as well as law enforcement, defense attorneys, community providers, victims’ rights advocates and representatives from county and city government. 

That conference concluded with a collective pledge to focus strategies on transforming the current system into one that is adequately equipped to respond to behavior rooted in social problems, such as racism and poverty. Participants agreed that the most effective pathway toward that goal is by shrinking unnecessary incarceration and growing approaches grounded in housing, health, behavioral health and culturally specific supports.

An outside firm, Territory, will facilitate a unique process of collaboration between criminal legal system leaders, health system leaders, elected officials, providers, victims of crime and individuals with lived justice system experience. As an agency without previous affiliations to criminal justice work, Territory will be able to focus on uncovering and capturing the public safety expertise that exists among the stakeholders participating in this effort.


The project launched early 2021. By June 2022, we will have a long-term vision report, visualized priorities, and plans of action. 

Transforming Justice Timeline April 2022

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