Visioning Core Team

The Core Team (also known as the Working Group) meets weekly to develop and vet concepts that move systems toward more community, and less criminal legal, responses to crime.


Working Group Facial Sketches

  • Maggie Bennington-Davis, Chief Medical Officer, Health Share of Oregon
  • Ebony Clarke, Interim Director, Multnomah County Health Department 
  • Julie Dodge, Interim Director, Multnomah County Behavioral Health Division
  • Deandre Kenyanjui, Consumer Engagement Coordinator,  Multnomah County Behavioral Health Division 
  • Kristina Jones, Commander, Portland Police Bureau
  • Aaron Knott, Policy Director, Multnomah County District Attorney's Office
  • Sahaan McKelvey, Director of Restoration and Identification, Self Enhancement, Inc.
  • Adam Renon/Raffaele Timarchi, Policy Advisors, Multnomah County Chair's Office
  • Abbey Stamp, Executive Director, Multnomah County LPSCC 
  • Babak Zolfaghari-Azar, Senior Policy Manager,  Partnership for Safety & Justice

Meeting notes

Visioning Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides an essential perspective as we co-create a new system of community safety. The Steering Committee meets when needed to approve concepts and push forward policy and budget, and other innovations.

Steering Committee Members:

  • Cheryl Albrecht, Chief Criminal Judge, Multnomah Circuit Court
  • Mel Anthony Phillips, Co-Director, Oaasis
  • D'Artagnan Caliman, Director, Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Ebony Clarke, Director, Multnomah County Health Department
  • Jamal Dar, Executive Director, African Youth and Community Organization
  • Lakayana Drury, Chair, PCCEP
  • Mercedes Elizalde, Public Policy Director, Central City Concern
  • Corey Falls, Deputy City Manager, City of Gresham
  • Janie Gullickson, Executive Director, MHAAO
  • Jo Ann Hardesty, Commissioner, City of Portland
  • Kenneth Hughes, Community Member
  • Vincent Jones Dixon, Councilor, Gresham City Council
  • Deborah Kafoury, Chair, Multnomah County
  • Monta Knudson, Executive Director, Bridges to Change
  • Jenny Lee, Deputy Director, Coalition of Communities of Color
  • KC Lewis, Managing Attorney, Disability Rights Oregon
  • Carl Macpherson, Director, Metropolitan Public Defender
  • Judith Matarazzo, Presiding Judge, Multnomah Circuit Court
  • Joe McFerrin, Director, POIC
  • Julia Mines, Executive Director, The Miracles Club
  • Mary Monnat, CEO/President, Lifeworks NW
  • Mike Myers, Public Safety Director, City of Portland
  • Shannon Olive, Director, Women First
  • Erika Preuitt, Director, Department of Community Justice
  • Sushma Raghavan, Executive Director, Unite Oregon
  • Mike Reese, Sheriff, Multnomah County
  • Jason Renaud, Mental Health Association of Portland
  • Carmen Rubio, Commissioner, City of Portland
  • Tawna Sanchez, Representative, Oregon State Legislature
  • Mike Schmidt, District Attorney, Multnomah County
  • James Schroeder, CEO, Healthshare Oregon
  • Shannon Singleton, Director, Joint Office of Homeless Services
  • Abbey Stamp, Executive Director, LPSCC
  • Lori Stegmann, Commissioner, Multnomah County
  • Mercedes White Calf, Community Member
  • Holly Whittleton, Executive Director, SE Works
  • Shannon Wight, Deputy Director, Partnership for Safety & Justice
  • Zach Winston, Policy Director, Oregon Justice Resource Center
  • Lamar Wise, Reimagining Safety

Meeting Notes