Alderwood-Cornfoot-Columbia Job Connector Shuttle

Multnomah County will offer a free shuttle service to the area south of the Portland International Airport. The shuttle service is planned to begin in early 2022. 

Thank you for providing feedback in our recent survey about how you would use the shuttle.  We are currently evaluating the responses we received from the community and from area employers.

About the shuttle

This shuttle will help people connect to jobs in the Airport Way Industrial Area from existing TriMet and C-Tran transit service and nearby neighborhoods.

The planning area is the Community/Jobs Connector Service Area of the Airport Way Industrial Area, as outlined in the TriMet North/Central Service Enhancement Plan. This area is south of the Portland International Airport (PDX), bordered by Mt Hood Avenue to the north, Sandy Boulevard to the east, Columbia Boulevard to the south, and NE 33rd Avenue to the west. 

This shuttle may work like other shuttles in Multnomah County, including the Swan Island Job Connect Shuttle and the Troutdale Job Connect Shuttle

We intend to contract operation of this shuttle service through a competitive bidding process in 2021. 

Potential Routes

These three options are the main alternatives under consideration.

Route 1: Killingsworth Big Loop

Route 2: Killingsworth Tight Loop

Route 3: Loop Via 60th-Cully

Why is the shuttle important?

The goal of this service is to help those who are looking for work with a way to access jobs along the south side of the airport and nearby neighborhoods. Although there are many well-paying jobs in this area, they are hard to reach without reliable transportation. There is no transit service along Alderwood and Cornfoot Roads, and much of the area lacks bike lanes and sidewalks.

Project partners

The County is working with partners at the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Port of Portland to plan this shuttle.  The service has been supported by:


This shuttle is funded through the State Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF). The STIF was adopted in 2017 as part of the Keep Oregon Moving legislation. These funds are intended in part to improve “coordination between public transportation service providers to reduce fragmentation in the provision of transportation services” (ORS 184.758 (5)(a)(F)).

The STIF Advisory Committee recommended this project for funding in 2018. TriMet is the Qualified Entity who passes the funds through to Multnomah County; the funds are not expected to retire.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Eve Nilenders at, 503.349.5014.