Before Multnomah County can issue a utility permit, the Permittee must provide proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance. This can be done under the following two options:

A. Prior to beginning any work or activities under this Permit, the Permittee shall confirm in writing to the County that Permittee has obtained a commercial general liability insurance policy that provides: (i) for a combined single limit of not less than $1,000,000 per each incident or occurrence, and with an annual aggregate limit of not less than $2,000,000 ; (ii) for extended reporting period coverage for claims made within two years after the activities, work or associated work authorized under this Permit is completed; (iii) for the County, its officers, employees and agents to be named as additional named insureds for all activities, work or associated work being authorized under this Permit. This Permit is automatically revoked without further action if the insurance is permitted to lapse, is canceled, or for any other reason becomes inoperative. Insurance policy limits quoted herein are minimums set for 2014 and shall be subject to County review and adjustment annually. 

Send certificate to: 


Multnomah County Right-of-Way Permits
1620 SE 190th Avenue
Portland, OR   97233

B. Alternatively, if Permittee is self-insured for the risks for which insurance is required under this Permit, and if  Permittee’s self-insurance verification is submitted to the County, Permittee shall not be required to procure insurance as required under Subsection 3(A). For the duration of this Permit, Permittee shall annually provide written verification of self-insurance to the County. This requirement may be waived for governmental entities who have previously provided their verification of self-insurance.