What’s Happening?

The county’s Vance Property is one of the largest undeveloped areas in East County.  It is located along 182nd and 190th Avenues in the Rockwood and Centennial neighborhoods of Gresham.  In about 90 acres, it includes Vance Park, the Vance Pit Quarry, and yards and buildings used by the county’s Transportation Division.

We are making plans for the future of this site.  Some of it will need to be cleaned up before we do anything with it. We must ensure that some of it will remain available to be used by Transportation and other county agencies for years to come. Some of it will continue to be used as a park. But we also want to use it to provide other benefits to the community.

What’s Been Done

We’ve put together a team within the county, and hired a planning consultant to help guide the process. We had already participated in two outreach projects, and we are building on their work to make sure we are hearing the diverse range of voices within the community. 

Get Involved

We will want to hear your ideas about what this property can become. This will be a multi-year process, and we want to engage the community every step of the way.

We are currently working with 12 community leaders who represent the diverse racial make-up and languages of the area. They engaged their communities about the project and collected ideas for the site’s future in fall 2020.

Contact us to sign up for updates, and to find out more about how to get involved in the future.


We are working with these partners: 

In addition, our planning consultant is Cascadia Partners.


The project is guided by the following principles:

  • Equity

  • Sustainability

  • Community Development

  • Economic Development

  • Transparent and Inclusive Process