May 13, 2021

Eligible WIC families can enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables with special checks that you can spend on produce at farmers markets and farm stands.

To get checks this year, sign up at your next WIC appointment or call us.

The Farm Direct Nutrition Program runs yearly in the summertime beginning in June. You must use your checks by November 30.

Who Can Get Checks

  • Any woman, child and infant over 4 months old who is on WIC.
  • Families can get one packet (worth $28) for each eligible WIC participant, up to 5 participants ($140).
  • Your WIC child counts as a participant until the end of the month they turn 5.

Watch Your Mailbox

Due to COVID-19, we will be mailing checks this year starting in June.

Can’t get them by mail? Contact us for a different delivery option.

More Information

Multnomah County WIC, 503-988-3503

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