May 19, 2023

WIC clinics will reopen this summer for in-person visits. We’re excited to see you in person again!

Watch for your appointment reminder to see if your next appointment is in-person or over the phone. You can always text 20121 or call 503-988-3503 if you have questions.

Your visits to our WIC clinics let us check your child’s growth and health. It also helps us give your family the best information and referrals.

While we work to bring appointments back to our clinics, we will keep some of the phone and online services that helped provide more options for you. 

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  • May 2023 - Staff return to office
  • May to June 2023 - New families scheduled for in-person appointments
  • June to August 2023 - All families gradually return to in-person visits

At Your Visit

When we meet again in person: 

  • Masks are encouraged, but not required
  • Limit the number of people who come in to your appointment, if possible
  • Reschedule if you or your child are sick

Getting Services During the Change

As we re-open for in-person appointments, some services will still be offered by phone or online. This could change depending on federal guidelines.


How to Get It

New application appointments

WIC clinic

Renewal appointments

WIC clinic (by phone for some during the change)

Mid-year check-in to weigh and measure

WIC clinic (by phone if you have recent measurements from your baby's medical provider)

Nutrition classes


WIC receptionist smiles under a Spanish-language welcome sign at the Gateway WIC clinic.Thank you!

Three years ago, we reinvented how we work by offering virtual services for WIC families. You showed great resilience and patience while we set up new systems. Thank you!


Call 503-988-3503. Current WIC families can text 20121.