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Property Tax Statement Guide - Guides in multiple languages to help taxpayers better understand their property tax statement.

MultcoPropTax.com Check property value, how much you owe, property description and more. Use guest login, no password required.  

TaxGraph See how your property value and taxes have changed over the last five years. 

Contact DART Contact DART Customer Service, Parcel Management and Recording.

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Assessment and Appeals Learn more about how properties are assessed (including real property, manufactured structures, floating homes, and moorages) and how to file an appeal if you disagree with the assessors value. 

Delinquent Taxes and Liens

Learn the dates when property taxes become delinquent and other frequently asked questions surrounding delinquency and the foreclosure. 

Business Personal Property File your business personal property return, pay tax bill. 

Exemptions & Deferrals Learn about state programs to defer or reduce tax obligations.

Manufactured StructuresServices we provide to Manufactured Structure owners.

Overpayments and Refunds What to expect if you overpay or are due a refund.

Property Taxes Pay your taxes, look up your property value and statements, find out how your taxes are calculated and other frequently asked questions.

Reports and Data Find files and reports useful for historical and property research.

Records and RecordingLook up tax records and other recorded documents. 

Search Tools & Maps Applications and interactive maps you can access to find out about property values, descriptions, history.

Tax Title Program Find information about tax foreclosed properties. 

We provide interpretive services for customers with a primary language other than English.  We also provide sign language services for hearing impaired customers.