Property information - Using the free “guest” login, you can search for property ownership, land and building information, values, and tax amounts, check payment history and view tax bill. The database is searchable by owner, address, map, etc. recorded documents since February 2002. Searchable by name, date, document type, etc.

TaxGraph tool: View a graph that shows how the value of your property has changed over the last five years.


Multnomah County Survey and Assessment Image Locator (SAIL)

An interactive site that includes:

  • surveys
  • recorded plats
  • assessment (cadastral) maps
  • assessment information (owner of record, legal description, etc.)

SAIL is searchable by address, tax lot number, map number, or plat name.

Tax District and Map Image Viewer

An interactive site useful for viewing:

  • Detailed parcel information
  • Tax Levy & Transportation Districts
  • School Districts & Neighborhood Association Boundaries
  • Urban Renewal Agency & Plan Areas
  • Water, Sewer, Fire & Soil Districts
  • Zoning, Survey and Plat Details

Many of the features contain links to additional sources of information.

The Search function locates features by Owner name, Property ID, Property Address, Map Page, or Section.

Other Resources

The information available from these sites is not maintained by Multnomah County. Multnomah County does not endorse the timeliness or accuracy of the information.

  • Portland Maps (Maintained by City of Portland) - Aerial photos and maps of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area including assessment information, elevation, schools, parks, zoning, water & sewer and natural hazards. (Searchable by address, property account number, or map number)
  • GreshamView (Maintained by City of Gresham) - Assessor’s data, planning, zoning and information about municipal services for the city of Gresham.
  • Metro (Maintained by Metro Regional Government) Aerial photos and maps of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area including parcel and tax assessment information, zoning, political boundaries, planning information, flood plain and special districts. (Searchable by address, intersection, or tax lot number)
  • ORMAP (State of Oregon) - Images of assessment maps for any Oregon county.

Multnomah County Levy Code Area Maps

If you wish to view older shape files, please contact customer service at 503.988.3326 or by email at