• Schedule:  Construction planned spring 2024
  • Estimated Cost: $9.5 million
  • Funding Source: Federal and local funds

Project Description

In 2024, a contractor will repave and make other repairs to the Hawthorne Bridge. Construction crews will repair deteriorated deck concrete and place a new deck surface, as well as replace deck joints for both the east and west sides of the bridge.

Traffic Impacts

Most work will be at night or during off-peak hours. There will be one-way closures during these times. The bridge will remain open with lane restrictions at other times. There may be short periods when full closures to cars, trucks and bicycles are needed for the safety of the public and construction crews. 

Bus stops on the bridge will remain open when the road is open to cars and trucks. Detours and alternative bus stop locations will be provided as needed.

Pedestrian access will remain open throughout the project, but may be directed around work zones. Bicycles may be detoured during full closures.

To ensure travelers are informed about construction impacts on the bridge, Multnomah County will provide regular updates on lane closures and detours.


An engineering company hired by the county has begun assessing the conditions of the road surface and bridge joints. Design will continue through 2023.

Construction is scheduled for spring until the fall of 2024.

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