See a map of our bridges.

The bridges that span the Willamette River in Portland are critical parts of the region’s transportation system. Several hundred thousand people cross these bridges each day, connecting commerce and community.

Multnomah County owns and maintains six bridges on the Willamette River:

  • The Broadway Bridge is the most complicated drawbridge to open.

  • The Burnside Bridge is located on one of the longest and busiest streets in the Portland area.

  • The Hawthorne Bridge is the busiest bicycle and transit bridge in the state.

  • The Morrison Bridge is the largest mechanical device in Oregon.

  • The Sellwood Bridge was picked up and moved downriver to function as a temporary detour bridge while the new Sellwood Bridge was under construction.

  • The Wapato Bridge is the only road link to one of the largest river islands in the country.

There are seven more spans on Multnomah County’s stretch of the Willamette that are operated by different owners: