Looking up at the Broadway Bridge as its lift spans open.

Project Information

  • Location: Broadway Bridge lift spans

  • Schedule: Field work starts in 2024

  • Estimated Cost: $9.3m

  • Funding Source: County funds for design; 90% federal and 10% county for construction

Project Description

The Broadway’s lift span deck is currently made of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) structural members. The existing FRP decking on the movable spans is retaining water and the structural beams have begun to fail, resulting in the need for extensive temporary repairs by County maintenance. The deck and supporting beams will be replaced with concrete-filled steel. This is the same type of deck that can currently be seen on the Morrison Bridge.

We will also replace the sidewalks on the lift span, existing gears, motor brakes, machinery supports and flooring, and the machinery brakes that help control the movable spans. Just like a car, all our movable bridges need brakes to control the speed at which the bridge closes. We will also be upgrading the electrical system to handle the new machinery. 

During construction, the streetcar tracks will be removed and put back in place. There will be no change in streetcar operations once the project is complete.


The construction contract will be advertised in summer 2023. Field work is scheduled to begin in 2024 and last 8 to 10 months. 

Traffic Impacts

The bridge will be closed to all traffic at times during the project and two lanes will be closed at most times during the work. Portland Streetcar will not be able to use the bridge for extended periods during construction.  More information will be provided when available.

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