November 16, 2023
Now offering doxycycline as STI PEP. A new tool to help prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Multnomah County's STI Clinic is proud to now offer Doxy PEP, a new tool to help prevent bacterial STIs. 

Doxy PEP is a pill (doxycycline) that you take after sex to prevent chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. It’s recommended for men who have sex with men, especially if you have HIV or take PrEP.

Doxy PEP does not protect against viruses like Mpox, HIV or herpes. There are also some side effects that you should talk to your doctor about.

Anyone can get Doxy PEP either for free or at low cost.

Think you may need it? Give us a call today for an appointment!

(If you see us a lot, we’ll probably bring it up.)

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