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Pre-exposure prophylaxis, known as PrEP, is a pill that you take every day to prevent HIV. PrEP is for people who don’t have HIV but may be at risk of getting it.

PrEP has very few side effects. When taken every day it can dramatically reduce the risk of getting HIV.

Anyone can get PrEP either free or at low cost.

Get Started

Call the STD Clinic at 503-988-3700 to make an appointment. We can see you in-person or by telemedicine. You can also get PrEP from your doctor or clinic.

Paying for PrEP

The Oregon Health Plan covers PrEP 100%. If you don’t have insurance or your co-pay is high, we can help you enroll in a financial assistance plan to get PrEP free or low-cost.

Thinking About Stopping PrEP? What You Should Know

If you have been thinking about discontinuing PrEP during the Covid-19 pandemic due to reduced sexual activity, there are some important things you should know:

  • Daily PrEP remains the most effective way to prevent HIV infection.
  • To ensure that you’re adequately protected, you will need to wait 28 days after your last risky sexual contact before stopping PrEP.

If you decide to stop taking PrEP and restart it later, you will need to:

  • Complete new labs and HIV testing before you can get a new prescription.
  • Wait 7 days before engaging in receptive anal sex, and 21 days before engaging in receptive vaginal sex before you are fully protected.

If you decide to stop PrEP before you run out of medication, 2-1-1 dosing may offer you some protection:

  • Take 2 Truvada pills 24 to 2 hours before sex
  • Take 1 pill 24 hours after the initial dose
  • Take 1 final pill 24 hours later

We are working with patients who wish to continue PrEP during the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly by telemedicine. Call us or message your provider in MyChart to discuss your options.

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