This page contains documents filed for the Portland Water Bureau's land use applications for its Treatment Plant, Raw and Distribution Water Lines, and Communications Tower. Copies of any documents may also be purchased at the rate of 40 cents per page.

See Public Participation and Virtual Hearing Process on how to appear and submit written testimony.

Application Materials

[All documents shown are part of the land use record for the subject case].  The Date that documents were received is listed followed by the links to those documents.  The applicant’s documents are posted in ascending order under each category: Application Forms, Narratives, Exhibits.  Where a document has been replaced by a newer submittal, a note labeling it as Revised has been placed after the link and direction to the replacing document provided.

Application Forms

Received 10/12/22


Received 5/9/23

Received 5/4/23

Received 5/1/23

Received 4/27/23

Received 4/18/23

Received 3/28/23

Received 2/24/23

Received 1/27/23

Received 10/12/22


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Received 3/24/23

Received 3/20/23

Received 1/27/23

Received 10/12/22

Staff Exhibits

Public Comments