As part of its commitment to supporting a diverse local workforce and firms certified by the Oregon Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID), the Board of County Commissioners has created a dedicated funding stream to support specific initiative for the workforce, i.e. construction trades, and supplier development.  Funding for this program will vary annually, depending upon the amount of construction done by the County. Primary funding sources include 1% of the cost of new County construction projects which exceed $1 million and the cost of renovations which exceed $200,000.   

The CDEF Program will support three initiatives: The development of a diverse local construction workforce through the support of BOLI certified pre-apprenticeship programs, Workforce support services and retention programs for workers in the construction trades; Technical assistance, mentoring and training for COBID certified firms.   COBID Certified Firms may request assistance by completing the request form on this webpage. 

Please direct any questions to