Chethana Pandit (right) and Commissioner Judy Shiprack

Chethana Pandit is a volunteer with Multnomah County's Department of Community Justice and winner of a 2015 Volunteer Recognition Award.

“Chethana Pandit has been an invaluable volunteer right from the beginning when she started as a Department of Community Justice website and multimedia volunteer in December 13, 2013.  Chethana has passion for the field, strong technical skills, thoroughness, attention to details, and great flexibility to take on a variety of tasks. Chethana continually demonstrates professionalism, commitment, strong problem solving skills, along with an ability to meet tight deadlines. Additionally, she is a strong communicator, and has an exceptional work ethic.

Chethana solidly assesses her abilities, then researches and gets the needed training so she is quickly up to tackling new assignments. As just one example, when she first started, she had a limited knowledge of the back-end website software we use. She “dug in” and was soon working independently. All these reasons and more have made Chethana Pandit, this treasured volunteer, a sheer joy to work with.” 

— Rachel Harris, Department of Community Justice web site and language services coordinator