Eleanor Koprowski (left) with Commissioner Jules Bailey

“Some volunteers always let you know when they are with you and some are quiet, competent and unassuming.  Eleanor Koprowski is one of those quiet ones. But what a dedicated volunteer!  She has spread herself around to four different libraries in Portland, quietly working to make our lives easier and to help us give better service. 

Eleanor has given over 1,552 hours to the library since January 2011. All four of the locations she has worked for have come together to nominate her today. The Woodstock, Hollywood, Belmont and Holgate libraries cannot thank Eleanor enough for the help she has given us in the last four years.

What does she do? Eleanor is a consummate search volunteer.  Terri Elledge, a clerk at the Hollywood Branch put it this way: ‘Eleanor…is a wonder at finding things on our paging list. It seems she has a sixth sense in locating items that aren’t in their usual location.  She also willingly assists other volunteers if they have trouble locating items. Eleanor is always smiling, upbeat and reliable!’”

—  Neighborhood library administrators Carol Uhte, Matt Yake, Bryan Fearn, and Victoria Oglesbee