Helen Poplett (right) with Commissioner Judy Shiprack

Helen Poplett is a volunteer with Multnomah County's Department of Community Justice and winner of a 2015 Volunteer Recognition Award.

“Helen has been an outstanding volunteer at the Londer Learning Center. She tutors advanced math with students who are almost ready to complete the GED. She comes four days a week for three hours (which is more than some of her students attend)! We call her the ‘finisher’ because she gives them the finishing touches they need to take the math GED test. She is incredibly patient with our students who often exhibit anxiety, frustration, and sometimes resistance. She knows how to break it down so that anyone can understand it. She is often seen getting out the measuring tape and having students do hands-on activities so that they really understand it.

Helen is part coach, part cheerleader, and part counselor. She even helps the teachers when they’re unsure how to teach something. Not only is she a ‘math whiz’ in her own right, she truly cares about the students and is as excited as they are when they finally pass the math test. We can sincerely say that anyone who graduates with a GED at Londer Learning Center has Helen to thank.”

—  Cheyenne Tuller, Londer Learning Center educator