“Mustafa has shown tremendous growth and work capabilities in the more than two years that he has been with the Rockwood library. He volunteers twice a week for a total of four hours which is fairly uncommon for a teen. I have had the pleasure of watching and interacting with Mustafa as he continues to gain new skills and take on different challenges. 

Being a Somali speaker he is a go-to for translations and communicating with patrons who may not be able to speak or understand English. Mustafa is a huge help with the homework club, providing assistance to children and teens of all ages, along with being a vital branch assistant who knows where things are and is able to help out in a much more involved way.

I am continuously impressed by Mustafa's kind nature and his innate passion for helping those around him. He is always willing to go the extra mile and try something new or polish his already exceptional skill set. Mustafa is a young man with a very bright future and is a vital volunteer in keeping the Rockwood Library running smoothly.”

—  Bryan Shipley, Multnomah County Library access service assistant