Sonja Kirstine (right) with Commissioner Diane McKeel

“Midland Library's Sonja Kirstine is one of those quiet and industrious people who smile and keep busy, and it isn't until they're gone for the day until you realize how much they actually accomplished. Sonja has been coming in once a week for the past two years to help with checking in holds - a process without which people would never get the books, movies and music that they request!

She is friendly, enthusiastic and reliable to a fault... one time after an ankle injury she hobbled in on crutches so as not to miss her volunteer shift. We love and deeply appreciate that kind of devotion. Sonja is a team player who makes our jobs easier, and she definitely makes a positive difference in her library and her community. For the more than 185 hours of your time you have given us, thank you, Sonja.”

— Patrick Provant, supervisor at Midland Library