Aging, Disability, and Veteran's Services Safety Net Program

About the Program:

  • The Safety Net Program provides emergency financial assistance primarily to prevent eviction, stabilize housing and with emergency special medical costs for Multnomah County’s most vulnerable older adults and people with disabilities. 
  • Assistance is limited to once every year.
  • Assistance is limited to items or services not covered by any other programs.
  • Safety Net program prioritizes marginalized communities with intersecting risks. 
  • Assistance is contingent upon availability of funds and prevailing needs in the community.

Criteria to Receive Assistance:

  1. Multnomah County resident 
  2. Age 60+ or disabled by SSA criteria or receiving services from ADVSD Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS)
  3. Income Limit: 300% SSI for one individual (subject to change)
  4. Asset Limit: $2000 for one individual or $3000 for married couples
  5. Ability to pay rent after assistance is provided.
  6. Meet risk factors such as:
a. Eviction:
 Notice of eviction
 At risk of eviction:
· due to difficulties with paying rent or utilities because of an emergency expense 
· due to inability to pass housing inspection (due to cleaning or pest control preparation)
b. Health risk
∘ due to housing that poses an immediate and significant risk to health
∘ due to inability to afford medical costs (e.g. medication)
          c. At risk because of domestic violence or caregiver abuse
          d. Currently without housing with the opportunity to obtain stable housing     
          e. Currently in market rate housing with the opportunity for subsidized or affordable housing 

To Apply:

Contact the ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Connection) for information and referral at 503-988-3646 /

  1. The ADRC will complete a referral, request supporting documents as needed, and send the referral to the Safety Net team.

Case managers, social service providers and housing partners can submit a completed application with supporting documentation directly to Safety Net:

  1. Safety Net will contact the applicant within 2-4 days
  2. If approved, assistance will be provided as a payment to the vendor on behalf of the applicant. 
  3. Safety Net will send a guarantee of payment to the vendor to start the process:
    • For some types of payment, an invoice from the vendor will be required upon service completion.
  4. The payment will be processed within 2-3 weeks after required 
    documentation is received from the vendor.

Available Forms:

Request website edits, ask questions about information on this site, or ask about calendar events through this Google Form.

Partners and providers only: If you need further assistance or are unable to locate a resource, please fill out this web form.