Audit status:

We have issued the audit start letter, and are in the initial phase of the audit.

Library work environment audit start letter (92.85 KB)


  1. Describe the current security model, assess impacts on the safety environment, and identify improvements in safety and security.
  2. Identify structural staffing challenges that contribute to equity issues in the Library work environment.
    • Assess staffing levels, turnover, and workload; with a focus on BIPOC employees and employees in language and cultural KSA positions.
    • Describe employee perceptions on structural challenges affecting morale.
    • Describe effects of staffing issues on programming.


Our analysis of the safety model will include all safety and security roles throughout the organization. However, we will focus on the safety environment of branch locations specifically. We will not include administrative offices or services that occur outside of branches, such as school outreach or mobile services, in the scope. We will also focus on a recent time period, including FY22 and FY23.

The scope of the second objective will be open to include structural challenges throughout the organization, not just limited to branches. Analysis of workforce data will look at the most common roles in the library. Analysis could go back as far as FY20 to present. Description of effects on programming will include direct services and community outreach, across all library divisions.