FY 2022 Budget Kickoff Presentation: 

FY 2022 Budget Kickoff Presentation (868.77 KB)

FY 2022 Budget Kickoff Presentation Videos:

Budget Equity Tools and Resources | New! for FY 2022

When the Chair released the budget guidance for FY 2022, she laid out a vision for how we can better integrate and embed equity practice and analysis into our FY 2022 budget. Acknowledging the incredible lifts that departments are carrying through this time, the following resources and tools will be helpful as department budgets are developed. It is with this recognition that we encourage departments to identify areas of success and challenge, and come prepared to budget discussions with reflection of how equity principles and analysis has informed narratives, decisions, and program offers. 

Forms and Templates to Create the Budget

Department and Division Narratives

New! for FY 2022 | Both the Department and Division Narrative forms are now available in Google Docs. Previously, they were fillable Adobe PDF forms, which had the advantage of a locked text box size, but the disadvantage of only one person being able to work in it at a time. With the new Google document, multiple people in the department can review and edit the document together. 

Instructions: Important - please make a copy of the Departmental and Division Narrative forms before working on them. This will make you the owner of the document, giving you editing ability and the rights to share it with other people in your department. To make a copy of the form, go to the top menu (upper right corner of the screen) and click “File,” then select “Make a copy.” Give your document a new name and click “OK.” You can now begin working in your own copy of the document. Additional instructions can be found in the Budget Manual.

Transmittal Letter

The Department Director’s transmittal letter formally conveys the department’s budget proposal to the County Chair. It should be used as a guide or map to the Departments budget submission. The Transmittal Letter Outline has been updated for FY 2022 to request additional information on topics such as COVID-19 impacts and the department’s internal equity process. Departments may need to add additional topics/areas as necessary to explain their budget. 

Budget Manual

Budget Calendar

Other Resources, Forms and Templates 

Calculating Span of Control  (163.91 KB)

FY 2022 Master Fee Schedule (380.42 KB)