Below are the individual Program Offers as found in the FY 2022 budget. The table below contains five columns. Columns 1 and 2 provide the program offer names and numbers. The remaining three columns contain the program offer documents for each phase of the budget. The rightmost column contains the program offers as they were formally adopted in the budget.

  • Department Submitted - these program offers are submitted by the departments as the first step in the budget process. The departments prepare the program offers for the County Chair to consider funding as part of the Executive/Proposed Budget. 

  • Chair's Executive/Proposed - are program offers that have been included (funded) in the FY 2022 Chair's Executive/Proposed Budget. Program offers may be revised or changed from when they were submitted as part of the Chair’s Executive budget. Once the Chair’s budget goes through the technical step of being approved by the Board, public deliberation of the budget begins. 

  • Adopted - these are the program offers that are included (funded) in the County's Adopted Budget. This is the final stage of the budget process which creates the legally adopted budget. 

Complete budget documents and additional resources, including a detailed explanation of how Multnomah County budgets can be found at: /budget/fy-2022-budget-manuals-forms-calendars-and-other-resources

Program Offers

Prog. Offer #sort ascending Prog. Offer Name Department Submitted Chair’s Proposed Adopted
BCC District 1
Chair's Office