August 30, 2020

I have many questions surrounding the shooting in downtown Portland last night. Regardless of the details, one thing is certain -- I condemn the violence that has been escalating and appears to have contributed to this tragic outcome. Our community has seen months of sustained, powerful demonstration demanding racial justice and police accountability. We must vigorously defend this right to protest, which includes protecting people by proactively addressing criminal activity and violence associated with protests. Last night a caravan of armed Trump supporters flooded downtown Portland intent on inflaming tensions and stoking fear. The subsequent confrontation should have been prevented. I am committed to taking action at the County to address systemic racism, not only in our system of community safety, but in all of our structures and institutions. I am ready to support action on the part of the City and at all levels of government to meaningfully respond to the escalating violence that has been reported in connection with protests. And I will always stand for what I believe in, both on the streets and as a supporter for protesters whose beliefs and values I share.